Fun time

DSCF4238 Hi there readers! If you need something encouraging, just look at the photo. This is a pygmy hippo – totally relaxing in the mud!! (I took  the photo F.Y.I. 🙂 I went  to  the Zoo this weekend . It was amazing! We got to see a fun sea lion show. The sea lions were so cute. (I think I want one for a pet!!!!) You should have seen it . We also got to pet stingrays  and feed them. The stingray’s mouth feels like a vacuum cleaner against your hand . We got to give them fish and shrimp. They were adorable and awesome!! It is so amazing what Jesus did when he made those complicated  creatures. Animal Atlas marine mammals

I really suggest that you watch this video. It is all about marine mammals and has some pretty fun stuff that is in it . I think it is  great  and educational.  Until next week readers – remember to stay strong and let Jesus guide you  with every step . That is all for now  until next week bye!


A little about me…………….

Hello! I am exited for all my readers to enjoy this. Today , I have started my new blog. I live in the Midwest .  The picture you see is of me and my Dad. In my family it is me, my Mom and Dad, my little sister, and my tow little brothers.  I am a big animal lover! I own a turtle named Coral. She is really cute! She loves to hunt little bugs  and likes to play in her water dish. She is one of the many pets that I have. I  have 1 cat named  Kikko, which means tortoise shell in Japanese, We also have at least  4 big guppies and lots of little guppies. They are so adorable  and little colorful fish.  My brother had a male beta fish named Eclipse. These are my pets . I have one other pet too!  To find out what it is, go to my pet post!