Hello there readers! I am sorry I did not write a post last week.: )  I went on an amazing  hike yesterday with my family.  We first walked across an old dam. It was pretty neat-o!  Then we started walking down a path  and we saw wild deer.They were so close and weren’t afraid. It was really cool! What we saw next was even better – a real LIVE male wild bison . It was breath taking!!! I felt amazed that I was seeing an animal this big without a fence in-between us. It was more amazing then the deer!

After this, my family decided  to climb up some rocks to the top  of a little mountain. It was super fun .It was an incredible view when we got to the top. Al Everywhere we looked on the rocks were giant millipedes . That is right – BIG millipedes . We almost brought one home  for Coral, my turtle, to eat.  That is all until next week! See ya later  alligator!:)

Pictures coming soon.;)