From Airport to Adventure

Hello friends!!  Today I will be talking about my mission trip to Mozambique, Africa this summer.   So, let’s get started!!   It was June 1st and we got in our cars to head to the church for prayer. After that, we drove down to the Dallas/ Fort Worth World Airport. We had to go through security but, with our awesome team of twelve, counting me, we made everything as enjoyable as possible.  IMG_2792.JPGThen after hanging around the DFW airport we got on a plane to London, England! It was probably about 8 hours or so.   After movie watching for a while, we were in London!!  The London airport is pretty cool and we had like a layover for like 8 hours, no joke, at the airport.   I even got a picture next to this stuffed bear!! I am pretty sure you could actually buy the bear!!  After hanging at the airport we got on a plane to South Africa for another 8 hours. ( See the pattern?)  After that, we had another plane!!  But, it was about an hour flight to Mozambique. When we got there we had to wait around because our luggage got lost but, we got it back when we got to the place we were staying. We stayed at a three-bedroom apartment  for the two weeks we were there.  We had twelve people though!! We finally got there. Boy, you won’t believe what will happen next.  I have so much more to write and this is is just the beginning!  Love, Kaelyn  ( Pics. in order.   Plane, Me and my sis, at DFW, our apartment living room,  the Mozambique airport, me and the stuffed bear.)IMG_2172.JPGIMG_1965.JPGIMG_2808.JPG


Prayer Team and Thanksgiving

Hi girls!!  We have a prayer team now and it is awesome!!  It is me and two other amazing ladies!! If  you have a prayer request we will certainly pray for you!!   If you want to pray for anyone else and you want to be on the prayer team!!  Awesome!!   Also, since I had Thanksgiving I did not have time to right about my mission trip!  I will talk about it next week.  Love, Kaelyn 🙂

But First, Prayer

far    Hello everyone! It  is Kaelyn here!!  Last weeks post was an intro. to me telling you about my mission trip but, today we are talking about prayer. I am a Christian and I go to the best church ever!!  Also, why I have this post today is to tell you that I will pray for you. Just put your prayer request in the comments and I will pray for you.    I would love to hear the outcome to, so if you feel led to, just put it in the comments. Next week, I will be continuing on my story to Mozambique.   See you then!!  May God bless you!!


Long Time No See

Hi everyone!!  Long time no see!  It has been a while but, I can bring you up to date.  I will start but telling you that I went on the most awesomest mission trip this summer!!  We went to Mozambique, Africa!!   It was amazing!! I will be posting about it and this is just an introduction.  I will tell you more on the next post!! Until then!!    Also, this is a picture of our team!! Most of it, two of our team member were not there. I will show more pics, next time!!  BYE!!   Two of the team members actually did not come to Moz. and the other two, not there, did go. Okay Bye for real now!!