Miracles and Lifegroups

Hello everyone!!  Kaelyn here!   I am doing a post this week but, not next week because I it is Christmas!   So,   as I was saying last week the kids lifegroup was basically church in the village for the kids. We went to  a house in the village and about 30 to 50 kids sat on tarps.

They would then do worship songs with motions, a Bible verse, and a lesson.    They also had a snack for the kids at the end.     But, they also took offering.  These kids put money in even though they had almost nothing.    Also,  a boy brought a wooden heart with him and placed it over his heart as he prayed, even the 3 year old kids worshiped with all their heart!  It was amazing to see how these kids had nothing, give their all for Jesus!    Now, for miracle time!!  So, one of the things we did while we  were in the villages is that we went and prayed for people.   We went to a lot of villages.   We split into two groups and me and my Dad’s group went to a house where an elderly women could not walk.   This women was hit by a car and had not been able to use her legs for about three years!    She was sitting on a blanket on the ground when we got there. So, we prayed healing and restoration over her and her body.  She was then able to move her toes!  Then we prayed again.  She was able to move her legs!!  She had not been able to do that before at all!   So, we kept praying and they asked all the kids to put their hands on her legs and pray and we did.  We prayed and she was able to stand up with help and get into a chair!!  That was really good  for a women her age and it was a miracle!  She was not able to do that before!!    With some exercise, she may be able to walk again!    Thank you for hearing about my adventures in Mozambique, Africa on my mission trip that I had this summer of 2017. Do not worry!  I still have more to tell you!   Also, have an amazing Christmas and New Year. Again, I will not be posting a blog post next week because of the holidays but, they will resume the week after in 2018!!!!   Love, Kaelyn Smith and keep on adventuring and loving Jesus with all your heart!IMG_3318.JPGIMG_3317.JPG20170611_154651.jpg


Village Part 2

Hi everyone!!  Kaelyn here!! I hope everyone has been enjoying all the Christmas preparations!!  Also, welcome Lauren!!   It is great to have you!     Also, welcome back.   Now where was I, yes in the villages. One of the things we did in the village is that we went to a kids lifegroup, which is basically a kid’s Bible study.  I only have time to talk about that right now. I will tell you about the miracle next week and more on kids lifegroup.   So, the lifegroup was so cool because this is what they did for the kids if they could not go to church. There  was a house and everyone sat down on a big tarp in the yard.   To be continued…………

Family Pics.

Hi everyone!!  We just got our family pictures done and I was going to post them and then I will do a regular post!   I am wearing the white scarf.  A picture of me standing on the stump.  Also,  one of me and my sister. I am wearing the denim jacket! 🙂  Also, I wanted to post an awesome quote from one of my many favorite authors. 


sb-12.jpgbristac-23 (2).jpg

Hospital and Village Prayer ( Part 1)

Hi everyone!!  Kaelyn here on more of my trip to Mozambique. 🙂 Some of this information may not be in chronological order, just thought I would say that.   Okay, so back to the trip!!    One of the the things on our trip was to go into third-world country hospitals.  Me and my sister would usually prayer walk outside with a couple other team members or stay at our apartment. But, those who did go did much. Here is a picture of a waiting room at one of the doctor’s office. IMG_1999 IMG_2008.JPG

We had some awesome prayer warriors on our team!!  In the picture above, is one of our team members holding a baby and praying!  Also,  we had some amazing memories and times praying in African villages.   But, one of the sad things in the village was that some of the villages were built on old garbage dumps but, with sand covering it all.  They didn’t have bathrooms and they had holes in their clothes. But, some of the villagers loved Jesus and were so happy, even with so little.   The kids in the villages would follow us around as we prayed for people, they would hold our hands and stay close. Sometimes they would even come in to pray with us. Here are some pictures from the villages: The first picture is off the roads in the village,  the second is of all the kids, and the third is of my sister with some of the kids.



That is all for now!!  Next time, I will tell you more about the villages. I will tell you a miracle, some more pictures, and about the kids lifegroups in the villages!!  And some more fun stuff!!  So, stay tuned!   Bye, and see you next week!!   Keep on adventuring, Kaelyn Smith