Hi everyone!  It is Kaelyn here!    I am so glad you are here!  Today, I am going to be talking about the safari we went one when we had our free day in Africa.  First, we woke up really early and we all got in cars to drive to South Africa.  We had to drive over the border until we got to our safari.  It was called Krugger National Park and it was the size of Israel.  Then when we checked in to the park, we got back in our cars.    ( There will be pictures at the end of this post.)  First, we saw antelopes, gazelles, and birds.   We kept driving for a little bit, and we were able to see some monkeys sitting in a tree. We thought they were birds at first. We did see some cool birds.   They were black birds with super long tails.   We also saw giraffes, well half of them.  Their heads were mostly in the trees. 🙂 We got to see wild hogs too.   Then we stopped for lunch.  We ate a nice all you can eat buffet, which was South African of course.   I also got a giraffe key chain.    Then we got back out there, we were able to see elephants and their babies and we saw hippos come out of the water and open their mouths!   Then we also saw a heard of wild water buffalo in the middle of the road.     We had to weave a bit!     My favorite animal we saw was a heard of lions!   There were two young males and some females.  They were sunning themselves in the middle of the warm, black road.  One of them even growled a tiny bit!   They did like that our car was getting in the way!   It was so cool!  We got see some crocodiles and even some rhinos as we were going.  It was the most amazing thing!  It is not like going to the zoo it is like seeing them like, wild because that is exactly what it was!    I hope you enjoy these pictures. Also, I have one more post after this about  Africa and then I will talk about another mission trip or another awesome thing!

The first picture is of a zebra we saw. The second picture is of a elephant and her baby.  The third picture is of me and my sister with a statue.   I am wearing the pink shirt and grey shorts.  The other girl in the picture is my sister.  The fourth picture is all of us who went on the safari.  I am wearing the same thing that I was wearing when me and my sister took the picture with the safari.  The fifth picture is a hippo we saw. The sixth picture is of the two male lions we saw. They were like four feet away from the car!   The seventh picture of a giraffe. The eighth picture is of an elephant at sunset.  The ninth picture is of the sighting board where you could see where certain animals were last seen.  The tenth and eleventh picture is of the terrain and cool plant we saw.  The twelfth picture is of a female lion. The last two are of some more elephants.  I hoped you enjoy and see you all next week!









Hi everyone!  You know I usually do my posts on  Monday but, today I just did not get to it.  Since, tomorrow is Tuesday I will do it then. I will be talking about our safari. I will see you or talk to you then!


In The City of Maputo

Hello everyone!  Kaelyn here and I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts on my trip to Mozambique. Also,  that is not the only mission trip I have been.  The other one I have gone on is to Chaing Mai, Thailand during the summer of 2016.  When I am done writing about Mozambique, I think I will write about my time in Thailand. Also, I am totally up for recommendations.   Just post your ideas in the comments. 🙂  The photos will be at the end of the post.


Now,  back to my trip last summer, the summer of 2017.     So, I know I have told you a little about the city of Maputo but, I thought I should tell you a bit more. 🙂     First, we mostly rode around in the back of the truck, sometimes in cars.  We walked sometimes too.   The trucks are called MyLove because you are so squished up next to people, you have to love them!  It was only people we knew, mostly.   🙂   I thought it was a lot of fun because we went pretty fast!     Also, we got to eat out sometimes, which was fun.  We ate a restaurant called Mundos twice, Pizza Hut once, and one more pizza place too.     Mundos was our main place we went to.   We also had plenty of dares as well.  One of our team members dared another team member to eat a spoonful of hot sauce for 20 dollars and, the member took the dare and did it too.   Another time, someone on the team dared another member to eat a cooked fish eyeball!   They did that one too!  There was another dare that happened, when one of our team members dared one of the missionaries there to get a tattoo of our church’s logo, and that member would pay for it.  Guess what?  That missionary got it.  She got it one her wrist.    We have a lot of memories.  Another part of the city of Maputo is that there are a lot of street vendors.  They would come up to you and try to sell you almost anything.   Like food, clothing, things they have made, and even live birds once.   We had to learn to say no thank you and some other helpful phrases too.  I don’t really remember them though. 🙂    There was also funny ads on billboards too. In the pictures, you will see there is one about soap.   Also, we got to go to a crafts fair to get presents for our friends, family, and ourselves.  That was cool!  Another amazing thing I should mention is thank you to our driver, Mr. Kevin, and also the women that cooked and cleaned for us, Onazia.     That is all for this week and I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I have two more posts on Mozambique and then I think I will talk about Thailand.  I will be talking about my safari next week, then the baptisms and our trip home. I will see you all next week and this is Kaelyn signing off for now.

The first picture is of us at Mundos and I am the girl with the white shirt, on the left, and at the front.  The second one is of the city.  The third one is a street vendor trying to sell birds to one of our team members.   The fourth  is of a soap ad on the wall of a building.  The fifth picture is of the sign of Mundos, the restaurant we went too.   The sixth picture is of a chandelier at Mundos.  The seventh is of Mr. Kevin our driver and Onazia, she made the best frenchfries ever!  The last one is us at the crafts fair and I am wearing the shirt that says beautiful and the black and white striped skirt.IMG_7438.JPG






Beaches and Preaches

Hello everyone!   It is me, Kaelyn!   Today, we are continuing to talk about my awesome mission trip to Maputo, Mozambique in Africa that happened in the summer of 2017.  Today, I am going to talk about the church we helped there and the amazing beach we went to, to pray.   This beach had a bunch of rocks that led out a bit from the shore.   You could walk on the rocks as far as the rocks could go but, we usually stayed in the middle.    Also, we went to pray there because it was called prayer rock.  You could go to the rocks, not matter what you believed, and you could pray. We would worship and pray for the city of Maputo.  You could not go into the water because it had jellyfish that could sting you.   Here is some beautiful pictures of this beach:  The first picture is someone praying there, the second is some palm trees, the third is one of our team members praying, and the last one is of us worshiping and praising God. I am wearing the grey shirt and headband to the right in the last picture.









Now about the wonderful church in Mozambique!   We went to church there twice, we lead a prophetic conference,   we did outreaches, and it was also where we met up.   We did a lot at the church.   We got to see the children’s ministry and I even went to one of the services.   Even some of our team members got to speak on the radio about Jesus!   It was a lot of fun!  The worship was amazing and we even had a worship night one time!  IT WAS AWESOME!!    Now, here are some pictures that help you to see what it was like.   Just letting you know, the  people in Mozambique loved to dance and were really good at it too!  The first picture is the kids ministry at the church.   They were singing praises to God and loving Him.  The second picture is some of our team members praying at the church.  The third picture is us in the pastor’s office and I am on the far left in the pink shirt next to my Dad in blue shirt and glasses.  The fourth picture is a picture of us at the beach again.  It is me, my mom and dad, and sister.   I am in the black shirt that says beautiful.   The fifth  picture is us dancing and worshiping at church on a Sunday morning.  I am in my white shirt and capiana(  I will tell you what it is in a sec.) which is a pink and blue skirt. I am kind of a blur because I was moving when the picture was taken.  The sixth picture is us women on the team wearing capianas and they are pieces of cloth that the ladies wear as skirts and the guys as cloaks.  I am in the middle wearing the pink and white shirt. 20170611_103902IMG_2035IMG_7366IMG_285020170611_101958



God did so much in me during this trip and I hope it was a good glimpse into what it was like. Next week, I will be back to tell  you more about this two weeks and one day adventure!  Also, could you please pray for Mozambique and the churches there?    I will be doing my posts usually on Monday, if possible.    Okay, Happy Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day and I will see you next week.   Bye and keep loving and have a life of worship!




Pet Post

Hi everyone!   Kaelyn Smith here!     The kitten I was telling you about, we finally got it!  We got it just a couple days ago so, I am just doing an extra post this week  but, I will do another one about Africa next week still.    So,  I decided to post pictures our new cat and some pictures of our other pets too! So, let’s get started!

Our new kitten that we got, we named Bengali or Ben for short.  We got his name from an old television show called Thunder Cats that my Dad used to watch.   He is 5 months old and his breed is of  a yellow tabby.   Now, here are some pictures of him!


Bengali Pic 1




Bengali Pic. 2



Also, I am going to add a cute animal picture , that is not related to pets, at the end that it from the internet and now more pet pictures!


Our other cat we have is a young little girl named Kikko, which means tortoise shell in Japanese.    She is about 6 months old now and her breed is the tortoise shell( see what we did there?) .  She is a sweetheart and she acts like a little princess.   Here are some pictures of her!  The first picture is her as we catch her hiding in the dryer and the second is her on a bed.


Kikko 1

Kikko 2


Now, for my tortoise, Coral!  She is the prettiest and most adorable little tortoise in the world!  She is a land tortoise , which means she stays on land, not in water.   I have had her for about 5-6 years now.   Also, she is an American Box Turtle, by the way.   Here is a picture I took of her! 🙂



One of my brothers also  has a beta fish.  It is a half-moon male beta.  I got it for him for Christmas.    I am not exactly sure how old he is but, I know we have had him for almost a month now.  Here are a couple of picture of him. The first is him at the store and the next is him in his tank.


Eclipse 1.jpg

Eclipse 2.jpg


Now, for the guppies.  The first group of guppies you are about to see is a male and three female guppies. The male is named Tiny and the rest have names but, I kind of forgot what I named them.  They are a little hard to tell apart.  They might not all be in the picture but, here is one that I took.  I know it is not the greatest picture but, there it is. 🙂


Guppie Adults


Lastly, we have a group of guppies and they are pretty young.    There is a lot of them so, I do not know exactly.  There are male and female guppies in there and so, here they are.   But, I am not sure I got all of them in the picture but, I tried. 🙂


Baby Guppies


That is that!   So, here is cute picture of some otters!  BingWallpaper-2018-01-06.jpg


Okay, here is one last picture of me and my sister. I am wearing the red beanie! 🙂




Alright, see you all next week!






Parties and People

Hello everyone!  It is Kaelyn Smith here!  I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. I would love to hear what all of you got so you can put it in the comments and tell me which word God gave you for 2018.    For one, I got some new converse shoes, a fluffy blanket, and some other stuff. 🙂  Also, God gave me the words peace, love, grace, the gift of giving, gratitude, and gratefulness.    I think it is time for me to write more about my 2017 summer mission trip adventure in Maputo, Mozambique in Africa.   I just wanted to say…


I am so glad that you follow my blog and I pray blessing on all of your lives !!

Okay, now Africa time!!!!!!!


So, I just want to tell you a little bit of what we did for fun while we were there too.   So, it was two of our team members birthday while we were there and one of them happened to be my sisters’!     So, we had a game night one night and had pizza from pizza hut(   I know right?  Random that they have pizza hut in Africa) and some cake.   IMG_3048.JPG

Also, one of our team members dared one of our team member’s, and it was their birthday, to smash their face in their cake.   That team member was not my sister and  the team member that did smash their face, as part of the dare, touch their nose to the bottom of the plate.   They did it and got $20 doing it!  🙂  We had a lot of fun and we had some amazing memories!      Smashed cake and all!   Another thing I should mention is, that the people there were so special to us!  Here is a couple pics. that we made with some amazing friends. Also,  our translators were both 13 years old!  One was a girl and the other was a boy.  20170606_145850.jpg

That teenage boy was our first translator



The girl with the curly hair and the blue and flower clothes was are other translator!



WP_20170610_011And another amazing friend above the picture above that we made!!   The picture above us is me riding on one of my new friend’s back! Don’t worry everyone!!  I still got a lot more I want to tell you.  Stay tuned in to hear more about the city,  baptisms, the church, and also the safari we went on!!    There will be a lot of picture and a lot more fun!   My family is also looking on getting another kitten, we already have one but, we hope to get one soon!  I will let you know when we do!  Love  you all and blessings and I will see you all later!



Kaelyn Smith bristac-23 (2) (1)

There is still more to come!!

Stay tuned!