Sah wah dee khaa ( Which is what women say to say hello) :)

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post about Thailand.


I thought you might want to know a tiny bit more of their culture before going on.

First, to say hello in Thai is..

  • Men say hello with: sah wah dee khrap! (short and sharp finish)
  • Women say hello with: sah wah dee khaa… (drawn out finish)

Also, when you are saying hello, you put your hands together and do a slight bow, like shown in the picture below.

I found the pic. and the info on:

Wai in Thailand

The main religion there is Buddhism and the language is Thai.  They are ruled by a king.  There are cities and villages.  Also, it is impolite to show the bottoms of one’s feet or to touch the top of another person’s head.  The head is considered sacred while the bottom’s of your feet are considered dirty.


These are just a couple of facts to get you started. 🙂


While we were in Thailand, we went to one of the biggest temples in Chaing Mai, the city we were in, to see what they believed.  It was sad but, we went to Thailand on a mission trip to share the love of Jesus with others.


Here are some other pictures from the temple:



Above is a picture of a giant staircase leading to the temple.  Also, there is a couple of other pictures.


Anyways, we also went on many different outreaches.  We went to one of the university’s there in Chaing Mai.   We were able to pray for different people.  One time,  me, my Dad, a translator, and another team member got to pray for this one student.  We got to pray for them and then tell them about the Thai church there.  We went to markets and handed out tracts.


We also went to malls.  We would go and pray for people there too and sharing the love of Jesus everywhere we went.   Here are a couple of more pictures, before I wrap up.






Two of our team members, and then me, and my Dad in the blue shirt.





Here is one of me and my Mom. IMG_3219.JPG

From left to right)   There is me, my Mom, my sister. and the my Dad. I am pretty sure we are at one of the Thai markets.


NEXT TIME: We get to meet a family of elephants and go to markets.  Also, anther cool story!

NEXT NEXT TIME:  We go to villages and Jesus moves in such a powerful way!!


Stay tuned!  I hope you enjoyed this week’s post!


This week, let’s pray for the people in Thailand and the missionaries there.   I pray right now, that the love of Jesus will touch the people of Thailand’s heart and that they may know you as the true God and the King above all Kings.


-This is Kaelyn and may you life be filled with joy and worship to Jesus!!

BYE!  🙂







It was in the year 2016 and it was summertime.  It was my first ever mission trip and I was exited!!

We first had to drive to the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.    We then had to get on an airplane to Qatar,  it was like a 15 hour flight!!  NO JOKE!!   We then had a flight to Bangok, Thailand which was about 8-10 hours.   Finally, about 30 min. – 1 hour flight to Chaing Mai, Thailand, our final detestation.


We got out of the airport with our team to meet the missionaries there.   We all then got into sun-cows(  That is how they sound but, a bit more Asian. 🙂 )   They are like a van with the back completely open with benches on each side.  Here is a pic:



This is my family in the back of one.  From left to right, it is my Mom, my sister, our missionary friend, my Dad, and then me.  Also, at the top of this post you will find a picture of a part of one of the biggest temples in Chaing Mai, Thailand.  We visited it while we were there to see what the Thai believed.

Anway, on our sun-cow( I don’t really know how to spell them. LOL!! ) , we went to our hotel which was really quite nice.   Thailand was a developing country for sure.  While the city was quite modern the villages were not.   Amway, our hotel had a pool, a coffee shop, and a really nice breakfast cafe type of thing.

After our first night, we went to breakfast and we also took off our shoes.  In their country and other countries, people take off their shoes  before entering some places.

Here is a picture of me on our first morning there:




I felt pretty rested even though it was a 12 hour time difference, from home!!


Also, here is a picture of us at a Thailand market.  We would do a lot of outreaches there. We would pray for people and hand out tracts.  It was a  great place to tell others about Jesus.  I am in the macaroon shirt.  🙂


I hope you enjoy my first post about Thailand.




That was a two-week trip so, a lot can happen.  See you next week!!

-Kaelyn 🙂

I Am going to my grandparents

Hi everyone!!


So, I am going to my grandparents this weekend so, I will not be writing about Thailand today.  I will be writing about it on Sunday.  Thanks for your understanding and also,  you are going to love it!!


I can’t wait to tell you all, but it will be in a couple of days.  Thanks again for your patience and understanding!!

  • I hope to see you all then!!


May you be filled with joy and may we worship the Lord.


This is the day which the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”Psalm 118:24.


I am going to write about my mission trip to Thailand tomorrow with or without pictures.


I know I have been super repetitive in my writing and I know it might not be super interesting.   Anyways,  you are in for a treat with Thailand!!   There are hearings, salvation’s, villages, strange foods, and more!!




P.S.  I accidentally posted the one on Patience.

P.P.S.  I am also going on a youth mission trip to Norman, Oklahoma with my youth group! It is in the states but, it will be powerful.   I can’t wait for it and then I will tell you about it.


Are you ready to here about my 2016 adventure in Thailand?  Well, come back tomorrow to hear about it!!

See you then!!


Hi everyone!!  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.   Also, one of my friends just made a blog called, Adorable Cats( and other animals).  It has fun facts, pictures, and even talks about God. I am also an author on it so, I may be doing a couple things too!!  There will be a link to it in my about me page plus, some updates about some other blogs I follow. 🙂  Thanks!!

I know I said I would do it two days ago but, like I said I have been busy and all and have not sat down to do it. I will do my best and next week I should have our post on patience. 🙂  Well, I hope you enjoy this one and thank you again for reading!

NOW, back to our fruits of the spirit series about, peace.  So, we have talked about love and joy and now, about peace.  What does peace really mean?


I looked up the meaning of peace and here is what I found:

  1. freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.
  2. freedom from or the cessation of war or violence.


This meanings, if you think about it deeper, and peace really means freedom.  Freedom from the bad things in our lives, of pains, of griefs, and of sins. We have wars in our lives, not actually wars, but wars inside us and around us.  In Ephesians 6:12, it says, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against.” The thing is, God can give us peace in the storm and when all seems chaotic.  You can hear Him whisper in your ear,” Peace be to you, my child.”  He can calm the storms of anything in our lives.   This week, let’s pray and ask God to give us His peace in our storms.


Psalms 29:11 says, ” The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.


God loves to give His peace to us and He hears our cries.  He loves us and He knows what is best for us at all times.  I have heard it said, that we are holding a puzzle piece and it may not seem sense but, God sees the whole picture.   That means that God knows our every step and has amazing and wondrous plans for us. For us, His friends and his beloved.



Thanking Jesus is a great way to feel His peace among the storms.  Also, and in prayer.


Also, here are some other awesome verses about peace:

You can find some at this link and they are great!!


I have to go now but, may the peace of the Lord be with you this week.

See you next week!!











I am so sorry I have not written a post lately.  I have been quite busy with testing and Easter.  I will be writing one tomorrow about peace in the fruits of the spirit series we have been having.  Thank you for your patience!!