Village Part 1

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so exited for summer and I am done with school on May 30th and I can’t wait!!  My friend  from Mozambique, who is a girl and was one of our translators, ( Look at older posts if you don’t  know what I mean 🙂 ) , is coming to America to visit soon!! CAN’T WAIT!!!

Also, our  youth mission trip to Norman, Oklahoma is in the second week of July.   Me and my sister  are going to start fundraising soon so, prayer to get all of our money in for it. 🙂 THANKS!!!

Now, I have 14 followers on my blog currently and maybe a couple other people who read it but, does  not follow. 🙂  I just wanted to say thank you for your support and for your prayers!!

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Now, time for me to talk about the village!!!!

So, we stayed in the villages for three days.  So, I am going to tell you about the first couple days  we were there.

So, we stayed in one of the family’s houses who went to the church in the village.   First, we went to a children’s home and/ or school to do some stuff with the kids.  We went to go put our stuff up at the house, ate lunch, ( IT WAS SO GOOD!!), and then went to go pray for people from house to house.  I know we did do that but, I don’t know in what order exactly. It has been a couple of years. 🙂  Anyways, we went back up to the school and had dinner with the kids and had these delicious fruits called rambutan.   We called them hairy cherries.  You can see why in the picture below.


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After dinner, we did a fun dance with the kids, painted the girls nails, and the guys got crosses painted on their cheeks.  We had some coloring pages about Jesus too.  Afterwards, we went to this small chapel they had there and did our two skits for them . We did a gospel one and one called the sin chair.   Prayer, worship, a short message, and teaching them the story of God’s salvation for us.

Awhile later, we went to the church in the village and we did more worship, and one of our team member’s prepared a sermon to share with the village.  Also, my Dad and another team member did some special music before we left.

We went back to the house tiered but, content.  We made it like a sleepover because we slept on the ground with blankets. 🙂   We got to pray for people and see salvation’s and healing’.   VILLAGE PART 2 is even more exiting and it just keeps getting better. 🙂





The front porch at the house we stayed at.



The road and a what looks like a shop in the village.


Sleeping in the village.


If I missed any other pictures from village part 1, I will put them in the post village part 2 but, with a this under the picture: ( VILLAGE 1)

Thanks again for reading!  Also, please pray for the villages of Thailand.  They may not always have the proper healthcare, water, or things that we may have.  Let’s keep praying for the government in Thailand and for all the missionaries there.

Thanks again for reading and for all the support you all have given!



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Market Places and a COOL STORY!!

Hi everyone and thank you for being so understanding about last week!!

So, today about THAILAND!!!

So, we got to go to these really cool market places where we would hand out tracts and pray for people.

We went to this one market and my Mom felt like she was suppose to tell this one girl working there that she is like a rose.  She didn’t know but, she got a translator and told her that.  She said that was her favorite flower, even though roses are not native to Thailand, and we got to be able to pray for her.  I am really glad my Mom did that because that could  have changed that girl’s life forever.

We also went to this Sunday night market which was pretty cool. We got to drink out of a real coconut, eat at a two-story McDonald’s, see a little girl dancing, singers, guitarists, a person playing a violin, and even a guy playing a junk-made trash set!!

There was so many cool things!

Here are some pics:

The first is of my Mom, my sister, and the coconut. ( Can’t leave the coconut out.)  🙂


The second is of me, my sister, and one of our friends at the market. 🙂



Also, we got to go to a cat cafe!  It is a cafe where you  can order lemonades, coffee, and other stuff plus, there are bunch of cats everywhere!!  You could pet them and play with them too.   I got a strawberry lemonade and so did my sister. Our friend that took us, well, I don’t remember what she got.  It was a lot of fun!!

Here are some pics!!

The first is of me and a cat at the cafe.


The next is of us with the drinks we ordered 🙂



The before pictures with us and the cats


The after pictures with the cats



Well, that is all for today.

This week, let’s pray for the king and the government there to be restored and that they come to know Jesus. Thank you!!

NEXT WEEK: Village Part 1

AFTER THAT: Village Part 2

AFTER AFTER THAT:  Malls, Colleges, and Cool Restaurants

That is all and see you next week!!


Elephants and Markets

Hi everyone and I hope you have all had a wonderful week!!

Today, I am going to tell you about what we did on our fun day in Thailand  🙂

Anyways,  on our fun day, we took a break from doing mission work that day and we got to do something awesome.

We went to an elephant sanctuary!!  We had to drive for awhile and we even stopped for tea, coffee, and a bathroom break but, then we were back on the road!

When we got there, before we met the elephants we wore this shirts that was similar to the shirts the people wore in that area.    Now, I think you want to meet the elephant family, right?

So, there was one male, two females, and one younger female(  think a kid elephant. )    We were also lucky enough because one of the female elephants was pregnant!!  You could actually see the baby moving inside of her, it was kind of cool!

We got to feed them sugarcane and bananas.  I got to touch the male’s tusks.  They were super smooth!

Here are some cool pics.!!


The first is of a friend of ours, my sister, and one of the missionaries.



The second is of my sister and me!



Then we got to go into the big mud hole and we got to give them mud baths!   We would spread mud all over their backs and they really liked that.  What do you do after playing in the mud?  You have a bath, of course.  🙂  We went down to a small creek and got bowls and through water at them to wash them off. An elephant also sprayed us with its trunk!  We ate a delicious lunch and then went back to our hotel.  It was an awesome fun day that I will never forget.

We got to see such beautiful and wonderful creatures that God created.  I love seeing his beautiful and wonderful creations.  We also need to remember that we are his creations too and created in the likeness of him.  In Ephesians 2:10, it says ” 10 For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” 

That is such an incredible thing!

Thank you for praying for the people of Thailand.  This week, let’s pray for all the missionaries in Thailand and all that they are doing.   I will talk about markets next week because there was so much going on in this post.

NEXT WEEK:  Markets and stories


See you then!!


Our missionary friend, my sister, and me in the back of a sun-cow.  (  Look at older posts if you don’t know what those are. 🙂  )

If you want a really cool elephant fact, you can go to my friends adorable cats and other animals blog. ( Link on my me page.)

Be sure to check out any other blogs that looks cool to you!  🙂

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