Cool Restaurants and Malls ( Second to last post on Thailand)

Hi everyone!!!  I am so, so, so, sorry I did not get to post last week!!  Thanks for all your understanding.  Also, I am getting a blog button soon which will be awesome!!  If you have a blog button page on your blog, if you could add me on there, that would be awesome!!  THANKS!!

This is my second to last post on Thailand but, next week is talking about on the way back from Thailand.  Don’t worry!!  My youth mission trip to Oklahoma is coming up really soon!!!

Next week will be my last post for a bit because then I am going on vacation and then our youth mission trip.  I will not be able to write until July 20th, not counting next weeks post.

It is summer so,  it can get a little busy.  I have been adding some new blogs that I follow to my Me page so, you may want to go check that out!!


Now, back to THAILAND STUFF!!

We went to the mall all the time for outreaches. The mall we went to was HUGE!!  It had like four stories and the bottom one was an ice skating rink.  One time, while our parents and the rest of the team did outreach me, Lauren, and our missionary friend went to an arcade and got ice cream.  I was a little bit younger at the time so, that is why I did not go on everything but, I went to do just about everything. 🙂

Here is a pic. of us at the mall!!  My sister, our missionary friend, and me!


We went to different market places for outreach!!  You can go to past posts about the market where I told a pretty cool story!  We found this awesome t-shirt there!!

P.S. It is suppose to say I am tired but, accept it says I tried.  They know Thai well but, not as amazing with English.


We went to this really yummy salad place where I ordered a giant thing of salad!!!


On our last day there in Thailand before we went to the airport, we went to this Thai restaurant that looked like a rain forest!!  There were waterfalls, a pond, trees, flowers, and plants!!  It even had a koi pond.  Here are some pictures of us there!


The picture above is of my sister, our missionary friend, and me.  Me and my sister are wearing elephant pants that we got from our trip to the Sunday night market!!


The picture above is of our translator and my Mom.


This one is of my Dad, my sister, our missionary friend, my Mom, and me at the rain forest restaurant.

That is all for this week!!  This week, let’s pray that all the finances will come in for the long-term team in Thailand. Also, for some friends of our in Japan. ( Sounds a little random but, could you please pray?)   Then could you also pray for me and my sister’s youth mission trip that all our fundraising comes  in this month?  THANK YOU AND YOUR PRAYERS OUR POWERFUL!!

thumbnail_IMG_1603  This is Kaelyn!! SIGNING OFF!!  UNTIL NEXT WEEK!!



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