Hi everyone!!

I got nominated for the Fantasy tag from Ariana from the blog Ariana’s Flying Life.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should!!  Here is the link to her blog!!= https://arianasflyinglife.wordpress.com/

Thank you Ariana and this is my first ever NOMINATION!!

So, here are the rules for nominating!!


  1. thank the blogger who nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  2. include the featured image (see above) in your post somewhere
  3. list; at least 10 things that are related to Fantasy
  4. nominate 5-10 other bloggers + notify them
  5. set a theme for your nominations!


So, let’s get started!!


Also, the theme that Ariana set is FANTASY!!!

  1.  I love unicorns and also the unicorns with wings!!  Can you imagine it, a white horse with big white angel wings, riding on its back, through the clouds?  SOUNDS AWESOME TO ME!!
  2.  I think faries are pretty cool and I have always watched Disney Tinker Bell. NO ONE IS TO OLD FOR TINKER BELL!! 🙂
  3.   I like to read fantasy books and this one series called Tuesdays at the Castle, is really good!!
  4. I have two unicorn stuffed animals!!
  5. I think it would be so cool to be a purple dragon queen for a day and to fly around!!
  6.   I think it would be awesome to be some elf warrior to with a cool castle.
  7.  If I could be one fantasy creature for the rest of my life, I would be a fairy!!
  8.   In Tinker Bell, the faeries have talents!!  I would either be an animal talent or a storytelling fairy.
  9.  Lord of the Rings is an awesome representation of great fantasy!! IT IS SO GREAT!!
  10.  My favorite Lord of the Rings character is probably Sam or Aragon or Gandalf.  I don’t know, they are all so great!!

Thanks again for this cool nomination but, I don’t know what the featured image is for this nomination, so I just put a cute picture of a unicorn I found online for the image.  I am still new to this whole nomination thing!


So, I will now nominate 10 awesome bloggers!!

  1.   ajisnail from Adorable Cats( and other animals)


2  Ally from Cute But Awkward


3.  Grace from Grace’s Blog


4. Liz from Home with the Hummingbirds



5.  Eleanor from Pointe to Christ



6. Cheryl Cochran from My Life with Jesus



7. Ezra from Eastin  Ancestors



8. Kathryn from Kathryn’s Cakes


9. NL Stewart from Nyson


10. Lizzy from Learning to Live: Struggling to Thrive



Thanks again Ariana!!

Also, the theme is  ANIMALS!!

The image for it is this one I found from online.


That is all for this time!!  Be sure to check out these blogs and also go to my me and blog button page to see my new blog button!!  I will be back this Friday!!  ALSO, I NEED SOME NEW IDEAS FOR BLOGGING MATERIAL!!





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