HI everyone!!!   Today is my last post about my two week mission trip in the summer of 2016 in Chaing Mai,  Thailand.  This post is about what we did coming home.

Also, this is my last post until July 20th because my family is going on vacation and I will be sure to write a post about it when we come back home.  Also, the day we come home from vacation I am going on my youth mission trip with my sister to Oklahoma.  CAN’T WAIT!!    I  will tell you about our vacation on July 20th and the Friday after that about our youth mission trip.  Thanks for your understanding and I will miss you all until then.   I now have 17 followers on here and it would be a big help if you all would share my blog button on your blog or the link to my blog.   Thank you all!!!

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So,  we had a lot of planes that we needed to ride to get back home.   We flew for about an hour or so on Thai Airways from Chaing Mai, Thailand to the capitol of Bangkok, Thailand.

After we got to Bangkok we  got on a plane with Qatar Airways with about a 8-10 hour flight to Doha, Qatar.    We did some cool things when we got to the Qatar Airport.  We went to a really cool toy store with robot  dinosaurs and a tree made out of LEGOS!!

There was metal playgrounds everywhere which were really fun to play on.  The weirdest thing there was a giant yellow stuffed bear with a lamp resting on his head.  I have a picture so, then you will understand.


Me, my Dad, and my sister with the stuffed bear at the airport.  We have jet lag in this picture so, we are a bit tired


This is a picture of a part of one of the metal playgrounds in the airport.  There was a lot of these everywhere!


This is of my sister and me on it the playground.  WE WERE TIRED BUT, WERE HAVING FUN!!   (  I was  12 when I went to Thailand in 2016)


Another  part of the metal playground.


The Qatar Airport.

We got on another plane with Qatar Airways for a long flight.   The flight was about 15 hours!  NO JOKE!!   We flew to the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and drove out of Texas back home.  It was long and I will never, ever forget this mission trip.  It was my first trip ever and I grew closer to Jesus.


Here are some other pictures of me and my sister at an airport on the way home. WE WERE SO TIRED!

Please continue to pray for the people of  Thailand.  I know my mission trip this year is in America.   I know probably next year, I will be going out of country and maybe doing a youth one in the States.   Thanks again and I will see you all on July 20th  when I am back!!







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