25 Followers in 44 Days… — Quotes to Encourage ( CHECK IT OUT!!)

25 Followers in 44 Days…

via 25 Followers in 44 Days… — Quotes to Encourage


If you have not checked this blog out yet, you should!! There are some awesome quotes and they have a got a big goal to get 25 followers in 44 days!! It may seem not possible but, it is!!  If you all could follow, share this on your blog, and like their posts, I know they would appreciate it!!  Let’s help some fellow bloggers out!!

I just got sign off which was created by wonderful woman named Megan!!  She is very talented and was very professional with it as well.  Her blog is


I recommend that you go and check it out!!   THANKS MEGAN FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE WORK!!


Truly yours,

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I just got a blog button who was created by wonderful woman named Megan!!  She is very talented and was very professional with it as well.  Her blog is


I recommend that you go and check it out!!   She created this blog button with Paint and another thing too.  Well, here it is!!  If you have a blog button page, if you could please put this button or a link to my blog on there,  I would appreciate it greatly!!  THANKS MEGAN FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE WORK!!


You can get a copy of my blog button at the bottom of my blog or on the Me and Blog Button page.   Be sure to check that page out because it has new blogs to check out on there!!  I highly recommend you check it out!!


Now,  I went to COLORADO on vacation for about 11 days with my family!!  First of all, we had to drive and we did for quite some time.  Once we finally got to our destination, Colorado Springs,  we went to our hotel.  It very nice, privately owned and it was called Buffalo Lodge.   It was all bicycle theme there!!   Here is a picture of our  hotel room!!

Later that night, we went to a small market with vendors that was being hosted at the hotel.   It was outside and there was live music.  We got to see baby goats and even try some goat cheese and milk.  IT WAS DELICIOUS!!  From the same stand we got a lavender lemonade.  At another vendor , we got pizza grilled cheese sandwiches with garlic, butter, and lots of cheese!!!   There was a lot of different things happening there.  There were dessert stands, baked goods stands, vitamins, t-shirts, wood work, and all sorts of stuff.  We even bought two bottles of hot sauce from a hot sauce stand.   We soon left after buying the sauce and went back to our room.   We were tired but content.   Here are a couple more pictures before I close this post up!!

Here is a picture of me, my Dad, and my brother with some baby goats!!  (  If I look mad, I really am not but,  I am just exhausted from the long drive. )

There is my sister and my other brother eating the pizza grilled cheese sandwiches. YUM!!

That is all for today!!  There is more pictures to come about the first day!!  Also, be sure to be here next Friday where we continue my vacation to Colorado.

Yours truly,



Hi everyone!!  I know I have not been on in awhile but, I am still on my vacation.  Also, my youth mission trip is like completely funded for the most part! GOD IS AMAZING!!

I will be sure to tell you more about my vacation and also about  my upcoming youth mission trip.   PRAYERS WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!   Thanks to all of my 22 followers and all the support you have given!!




Also, I was not able to do RATC week two because of bad WIFI but, it is better now.    Thanks for the understanding!!  THERE IS MORE TO COME AFTER MY YOUTH MISSION TRIP!!

I will be posting about my vacation and all the awesome things God did on the youth mission trip.

So, the challenges I took was the picture challenge.

I am on TEAM BIRD!!


It is me, Shekina, and Maelyn.  One of our team members had a withdraw but,  yes we are hanging.  We have 70 points and the other team has 90!!!    So, we  need the points.

Here is my picture of books!!!

Of an animal I saw on a hike!! (  can you find it? )




That is all!!  Thank you for your patience and there is more to come in a week or so!!



May your life be full of joy and worship to the King