My name  is Kaelyn  .   I am a Christian and JESUS IS THE BEST!! You can go to my Gravatar profile at the bottom of my  page. Thank you for reading

I just got a blog button who was created by wonderful woman named Megan!!  She is very talented and was very professional with it as well.  Her blog is

I recommend that you go and check it out!!   She created this blog button with Paint and another thing too.  Well, here it is!!  If you have a blog button page, if you could please put this button or a link to my blog on there,  I would appreciate it greatly!!  THANKS MEGAN FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE WORK!!


P.S. You can follow me on Pinterest and Google+.

P.P.S.  Here are 41 other awesome blogs to follow!! ( P.S. I know this is a lot but, it might be fun just to take a look. )  You may have to copy and paste these links to find these blogs. 🙂  Some are older, some are newer, but they are great!!

The Adventures of a Daughter of the King

Wednesdays with Nancy: Tween You and Me  ( I have done a little bit of writing for this blog too! 🙂 )

Gold Medallion


Project Inspired

NaNoWritMo Blog

Eastin Ancestors

Adorable Cats( and other animals)!!!  P.S. I am also an author on this blog 🙂

Delighting in Him

Grace’s Blog

My Life with Jesus

Kathryn’s Cakes

Loved and Known

Glo Getters Magazine

The Party

Writings from a God’s Girl

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Pointe to Christ

Lydia, a Dancer 4 the King

Grace Type

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Inside Out

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Through the Eyes of Gracie

Quotes to Encourage

Whimsical Writings for His Glory

This Wife Style

The Sunshine Stop ( I am an author for this blog)

Middle Mary

Christina and the Camera

Welcome to Odyssey

Mayasa  Rose

AG Doll Dreams

Godly Chick Diaries

Help Me Believe


A Barefoot Gal

Joy Unspeakable

Cabbegela: Perfect148



GIRLS!!   Go to Pointe to Christ to find more about Pointe to Christ Prayer!! ( I am do stuff with Pointe to Christ Prayer)








28 thoughts on “Me and BLOG BUTTON

  1. Okay, I will need to make a new blog button because I can’t make it into a simple picture. I am on vacation right now and I will have to make one when I get back. Thanks for your understanding.


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